What happened???


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Feb 28, 2009
So the homemade 'bator is sittin pretty with humidity at 48% and the thermostat is doing it's job. Clicks off at 101, back on at 99. It sits there for about 24 hours. No fluctuations.

So yesterday afternoon I put in 15 room-temp eggs. Temps spike to 106. Thermostat doesn't click off. I vent, move the thermometer, and try again. Again 106. The eggs are nothing special, so I decide to just leave everything and see what the 'bator does. The thermostat never clicks off.

I come down this morning to check it. 106. I have two thermometers in there (after having 3 originally). However, now the "correct one" is saying 106 while the digital is 100.1. But all the while the thermostat never clicks off though....

I changed NOTHING other then adding eggs!

Man-o-man-o-man.... this incubating thing is gonna kill me! I think this batch is ruined.. but I'm gonna buy a new thermometer and ride it out for a few days anyhow, see what happens. And to think, there's supposed to be 21 more days of this???
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What happened?

The thermostat isn't working.

If at first we don't succeed... try, try, try....... again.

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