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  1. mallory5nz

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    Sep 8, 2013
    We bought (and moved into) a small farm 3 weeks ago today. Along with the house came a hen and rooster (as well as a bunch of sheep!). 3 days before we moved in (24 days ago today), we visited the property and found 9 eggs tucked into the corner of the barn, on the dirt floor. The day we moved in we went back out to check on them and there were 11 eggs. We peeked every day and the number never changed until today. Today the eggs had been spread out on the barn floor (over a 2 foot area) and 2 eggs were missing. There were no broken shells and no sign of chicks. The hen and rooster were out foraging in the pasture which we routinely saw the hen doing over the past 3 weeks although she also spent a good deal of time sitting on the eggs.


    I'm very new to chickens and read online that they take 21 days to hatch. Given that she started laying these eggs probably close to 30+ days ago, I figured they must have been duds.

    A friend told me to take a flashlight and hold it up to the shell and look for a spot inside. I couldn't see anything doing that so we decided to sacrifice one of the remaining 9 eggs to see what was going on.

    Inside was what appeared to be a pretty developed chick. It had a beak and feet and what looked like the start of feathers. It had a large eye. There was some red blood and quite a large orange yolk(?). I could not see a heartbeat. There didn't seem to be an off smell.

    We had gathered up the eggs but after seeing this, we took them back to the barn, placed a wooden crate on the floor where she had had the eggs and put the eggs in there in a bed of straw.

    Could these eggs still be viable??????
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    Oct 11, 2013
    has she returned to the eggs???
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    If the heart wasn't beating and and it wasn't moving when cracked open it was probably already dead. More than likely the others are not good either, but it could be that that one just stopped developing. When you first visited was the hen sitting on the eggs then? Sometimes they don't start sitting until they have laid several eggs, so it may be less than the 30 days that you first saw them.
  4. mallory5nz

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    Sep 8, 2013
    i'm not sure if she was sitting on them when we first saw them 24 days ago. I'm thinking not. In fact, I'm not sure I really saw her sitting on them until after we moved in. I'm going to check today to see if she is back on them, especially since I put them in the box.

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