What have you done for your baby chicks today?


9 Years
May 27, 2010
New Castle, PA
Since this section is blowing up with all the new babies I thought I'd post a picture of the mini roost
and mini ramp I built from dial rods, wood scraps and balsa wood I got at the craft store.
I'm trying to keep them busy and happy, while we extend the brooder.
What did you do today for your chicks?

Moto, that is a very cute ramp.

Today, I looked in on mine. I coaxed mamma hen out of the nest with her 'new' 14 Cornish Cross Chicks that Santa Clause left her last night. She is still amazed, me thinks. I cleaned out a wet spot in my brooder (that was not obvious, had to dig in there to check) from a leaky waterer. Now, I am cooking the best smelling homegrown chicken soup ever.

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