What I did on my vacation...


9 Years
Nov 25, 2010
Decided the yard needed a little sprucing up so, I took on a few small projects. The first is a tipsy pot planter that didn't turn out as "tipsy" as I'd hoped, but, it'll have to do. I planted a variety of herbs in it:

When our house was built, the A/C unit was put out front, don't know why, I'm sure it was placed there for some reason but I decided that it needed to be hidden from view but didn't want to pay what some places ask for those panels that hide such eyesores. All the materials I used, with the exception of some bolts and other hardware, were materials I had handy. And if anyone ever tells you that pallets are easy to paint, they're lying!

'wanna come spruce up my yard? It needs a few days work, how much do you have left on your vacation?

Just kidding. But it does look fantastic!
Yep, you can find those tipsy pot thingys at home improvement stores. I think it is a metal post into the ground. I love to plant some herbs in it and some flowers!

Novel idea on that CA unit cover! I have one out back that is an eyesore! I wish the companies would make neat covers for those clunky things!

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