What I Funny Great Dog!


9 Years
Apr 25, 2010
Northern WI
wow are dogs awsome I use to have 2 pekins well its mate died and Elvis our big dog slept near our ducks well that one alone duck got sooo use to elvis it kinda fell inlove with him.... every time elvis would get let off the leash that duck would scream and quake intell we let her out too, they would run together and eat together it was wonderful. elvis loved the duck too.
well this spring she pasted away
(the duck) but thats when my mom went and bought 2 pekins and 2 mallards they dont mind elvis and elvis doesnt care for them.... its kinda weird knowing the relationship between my first pekin and elvis. I love elvis though because he helps alot around the house, we kinda helps keep predators away. And that dog can tell the diffrence between a wild animal and a pet animal.... be would chase wild bunnies but when i would let my bunny out of its cage Elvis would just look at it.... he hunt birds (btw hes a bird dog) but he loves my ducks and my chickens..... hes a awsome dog..

thanks for reading

btw this is elvis
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In the Brooder
9 Years
Apr 12, 2010
Blinky eyes, and giant nose,
licky tongue and muddy toes.

Elvis was a duck's best friend,
Loved her til she met her end,

Elvis is my favorite hound,
I'm so glad that he's around.

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