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    Just curious as to what people enjoy about their chickens the most?

    Me, I love the smell of their coop when I change out the hay on the floor each week. The fresh smell, the clean feeders and water, the fluffed up nest boxes, and the little treats I leave them on my way out. It reminds me of a chicken hotel!

    I also love looking out the kitchen window to see a bunch of fuzzle-butts, front ends down and foraging for yummy bugs and grubs.

    I love the way that, when I walk across to the coop in the late afternoon, I can hear a whole lot of tiny feet running along behind me in anticipation of the handful of wheat they will get before going to bed for the night!

    I love their quiet chatter as they organise their roosting spots at dusk, and listening to them croon to themselves when they lay.

    Most of all I love them when they (finally) let me give them a nice little pat while they sit in their egg-laying doze.

    They are so lovely to own!

    - Krista
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  2. I love their quirky little personalities, each one is different. The way they peck my clothes when I'm weeding the garden, and the one that flies onto my back every time I bend over. I have another one who has low vision and doesn't run with the pack, and she follows me around like a little puppy dog, sometimes running into my foot when I stop. Mainly I just love watching them being free to roam and scratch in the dirt the way all their instincts tell them to do right from a very early age.

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