What If I Establish Myself As The Dominant Hen?

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by bcmama, Dec 13, 2012.

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    Is it possible for me to establish myself as the dominant hen? I posted a question yesterday about my BR's being "Mean Girls" to my other girls. The only response I received was to separate them which I can't do due to the size of my yard and coop situation. So I was wondering if I established myself as the dominant hen by pulling feathers on the girls that are being so mean, if that would stop their nasty behavior?
    Tonight when I went out to check on them I pulled feathers (didn't actually pull them out only tugged hard enough to get their attention).

    Has anyone tried this? I also decided to turn off the light I was keeping in there. I am thinking that the other four don't have anywhere to go because they won't venture into the run because it's dark so they are stuck having to be abused. They don't do this in the dark so the light is off for now.

    Anyone try pinless peepers?

    Any thoughts?
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    It might work as long as you were in the flock, but whenever you leave they will revert to their dominant behavior. Many people have excellent luck with Pinless Peepers, and in some instances they can be removed and peaceful behavior will continue - a matter of months not days before removal to permanently modify behavior.
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    Can you put her in a large dog crate? My evil one did not change after being completely removed from the flock she did not lose her status after being gone for 4 days. So we now have her in her own yard within the chicken yard. Someone suggested to pin a rooster to the ground till he calmed down. It was in response to a post about an attacking rooster, the post made sense. Some hens (like mine) are just mean.
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    If no one is being injured, I'd just give it time. In my coop the higher hens decide who gets to come up on the roost and when. When things are established its peaceful but as any young generation gets to roosting age there is some kerfluffle. Right now we're having minor drama because my top hen was injured by my dogs and has been in the garage for a week; the young rooster has stepped in to fill the void and has his own opinions about things.

    Despite some noise and pecks, no one is being hurt or deprived of a safe place to sleep so I don't interfere. I'd take a similar approach to food and water - as long as everyone gets fed and watered, it's fine if the bossier hens insist on going first. It's just what they do. Chickens don't believe in democracy.
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    I fully believe that people are in flocks as well!!!! if you spend a lot of time with them,my male Muscovy duck even tries to mate with me (TRIES)[​IMG] so I don't see why it wouldn't work.Try it and report back how it goes.
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    I have tried this and have to say it was not really effective.....

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