What if we're outside the city limits and getting it in writing? (Mobile County, Alabama)

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    I live in an unincorporated town in Mobile County, Alabama, which means I do not live in the city of Mobile, Alabama. On reading the ordinances )provided by the link in the pinned post above), it says "inside the city limit", which isn't surprising. Also the County Health Department stresses "inside the city limit" (link here).

    So what does this mean for me? I can call them, but how do I find it in writing? Would the county have a different ordinance?

    The problem is that I have a neighbor who is just downright hateful. One day my dog was outside barking at a squirrel (my dogs are never out there unsupervised and my daughter was even out there with the dog) and when I went outside to call the dog in, because I heard her barking, the neighbor began screaming at me - over the fence - and said if she was ever outside barking like that again he would call animal control on me. He was waving his finger at me, cursing calling me names and everything. I still can't believe everything he said!

    I was livid! To begin with, my dogs are well taken care of and are well trained. They don't bark incessantly and are never left outside alone. She was barking, maybe for a whole whopping five minutes and in the middle of the day. The nerve of that man! I sat there in stunned silence and he stomped back into the house.

    Then after I thought about it I went over there, banged on his door and told him he better not EVER threaten me like that again. I asked him who he thought he was talking to me like that and if he has such a problem with it, then get animal control on the phone right now, but NEVER threaten me again! I'm not kidding, I was furious. He stood there blinking and stammering. I added, "Oh yeah, you're a real tough guy now that you don't have a fence separating us!" and then I left. I probably shouldn't have added that last part, but I couldn't help myself, I was so mad. [​IMG]

    That was the first and ONLY time we have ever spoken to each other. Well, it's the only time HE has ever spoken to me. I would say hello to him over the fence (before that incident) and he would just roll his eyes and look away. We've been neighbors for 7 years and that happened 2 years ago! Even now I get angry about that whole thing, but all of that was to say that I can just imagine his reaction if I were to get chickens. I need to be prepared legally and I want something in writing, so I can throw it in his face when he makes his next threat... if he doesn't kill me first. lol!

    Many thanks for any suggestions and sorry this was so long. [​IMG]


    ETA: Oh and I've been a long time lurker here.
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    First, since you are not in the city, you need to find out whether your county has any ordinances about keeping chickens. And you also need to check into the allowed uses for your zoning. As long as you are looking htese up, look up the overall regulations regarding animals, especially barking dogs. From your description, you are very unlikely to have violated any likely ordinance, but it would be good to know if you ever have that type of confrontation again.

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