What is a fair amount to charge for pullets for sale?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by moonflowerfarms, Feb 19, 2014.

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    Jan 15, 2012
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    I am getting 19 chicks in a few weeks. I'm getting really excited. 3 are for us to keep, 5 are for our neighbor, and then we're going to sell the rest. I already have several people who are on my list to buy. I am going to raise them until they are ready to go outside. I have the space and time to do it, and I enjoy it. My husband and I were trying to figure out how much was fair to charge for them. I was thinking that if someone wanted to take the chicks before 4 weeks, we would charge the cost of the chick +$5. Between 4 and 12 weeks, cost +10. And 12 weeks on, cost +$15. When I broke out the cost of the food, the shipping, and we built a plywood brooder that we can break down to store flat during the rest of the year (my plan is to do this every year), that seemed to cover everything, with a little left over.

    We live in the Denver metro. Does anyone have any thoughts if that is too much or not enough? We have a mix of RIR, barred rock, golden polish, blue cochin, buff brahama, white leghorn, cuckoo marans (only 2, and they are claimed), and black astrolorp. So I thought that we would reflect the difference in price by adding the amount on top of the base cost. Thanks!
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    Since you are the one taking the risk of losses during shipment as well as potential "failure to thrive" with young chicks, I personally think that's a very fair pricing arrangement.
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    I just checked your craigslist, your prices fall right in the middle.
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    I sell my 2 month old pullets for $10 and roosters for $5. But I hatch most of my own chicks with eggs from my hens. I rarely get to keep pullets past 2 months old because they sell so fast. I live in Wyoming.[​IMG]

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