What is a good breed to have at an altitude of 8,500 feet

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    Feb 18, 2009
    Hi, I am new to this site and I want to start raising a few chickens for numerous reasons but primarily for fresh eggs. I live in Woodland Park, CO at an altitude of 8,500 feet. I want to know what bread of chicken would be best suited for that altitude and cold winters and still produce eggs. Thank you all for any help. Dan

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    welcome [​IMG] welcome
    Chanteclers are a good winter breed developed in canada. but i don't know anything about being in the mountains... good luck
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    We're at 6800 feet on the Palmer Divide and we have several different breeds of chicken and they're all doing okay. I'd heard that the cornish x breeds couldn't be kept at our altitude but haven't heard about any others that have trouble. Our girlies have laid eggs steadily all winter long.
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    yaks...they do well at higher elevations [​IMG]

    That didn't help did it...well Howdy!!!

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    My friend lives at 9000+ feet and she's got a mixed flock of heavy breeds that pretty much keep her supplied with eggs.
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    [​IMG] YAKS!! She said Yaks!!! [​IMG]

    I was just in Woodland Park this weekend visiting my folks!! I'd love to live there permanently. Are you in the Park proper, or do you live outside of town? My folks live up 67 a bit out of town, off Lovell Gulch.

    I would guess that Cochins and Brahmas would do well there. My featherfeet birds do well here in the winter, and it is generally less cold there than here. I would think that they would adjust to the altitude much the same way as people and other animals.

    Also, if you got them as baby chicks, they'd never know the difference.

    Good luck, and welcome to BYC. There tons of great people here!


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