What is a good turkey to raise in the High Desert of California?

Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by zephyr66, Dec 23, 2010.

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    Oct 5, 2009
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    Hi! I have my chickens all set up and thriving (5 RIR's 2 Delawares, 1 Plymouth Barred Rock and 1 Easter Egger and a RIR rooster named Jack). I think I want to raise a few turkeys for the next holiday season. I, myself, am vegetarian, but I feel it would be the best thing to do for my family who all eats meat. I live in the California High Desert (Joshua Tree) and the summers can get to about 110 or even 112 if it's super hot. Many people up here do well with chickens, but I don't know much about turkey breeds. What would be a good breed of turkey to buy (I'll incubate eggs) that is better suited for the heat? Of course they will have a lot of shade and shelter. Also, I don't want genetically modified birds but would like heritage breeds. Looking forward to your responses! Thank you.

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    The Royal Palm has less weight to carry around, so I would guess they'd be ok to raise there. [​IMG]
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    I am a new turkey owner myself but where you are located peeked my interest so I fired up google to see what I could find on wild turkeys in your area. Sure enough they are there. Since you want a few turkeys why not flatter the original population with a good bronze turkey? I am sure there are some in the area for sale which would be adjusted to the climate already. * I consider area to be up to an all day round trip mileage my vary for others.* Just my two cents worth.
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    There was a member here, Omabird, who was in the CA high desert... apparently banned now but if you do an author search you can probably find some old posts with pictures to get some ideas from...
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    I never lost any turkeys this fall when it was 110 I did use a fan but they had lots of water they like to stand in it when it's hot and shade I have Royal Palms Midget Whites Auburns and Bourbons...so If they have shade and water and you use common sense with the heat I think you just pick the breed you like for the size you need....small gatherings Midget Whites or Palms bigger group Bourbons or any other large breed like Bronze Slate etc
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