What is a Sizzle = Silkie + ?

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  1. Just got this little guy and the lady says he is a Sizzle. I think that means he is part Silkie. Photo doesn't show it well, but he has purple comb and wattles and turquoise ears. But, what else do you think he might be crossed with. He is so cute and friendly.


    Just talked to lady we got this little guy from and she said he is a Frizzled Sebright x Silkie. So some of you were right on. Thanks for the input.
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  2. txcarl1258

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    My guess based off the lacing on his wings, is a frizzled Silver Laced Cochin.
  3. Thanks, I appreciate the info. Happy New Year to ya. [​IMG]
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    Sizzles are frizzled Silkies. From what I understand, they are developed by crossing Silkies with a frizzled bird (most commonly Cochins). The first generation should be normal feathered but curly. I believe after that, if you breed to Sizzles together, you should start getting the silkie feathering. But that's just what I've picked up on some of the threads here. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong...[​IMG]
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    Sizzles do not have silkie feathering, but they have all OTHER features of a silkie, plus they also have the frizzled feathers. Ideally, one wants to entirely breed out the silkie feathering, which can take generations, as well as fix in the other silkie traits, which after the initial ourcross to bring in frizzle will take a few generations. You can get some first generation crosses that LOOK really good. But, they will not breed predictably, and you have to select for the proper characteristics for sufficient generations that all, or nearly all the offspring cerry all the correct traits.
  6. WOW, thanks for all the great feedback and tips on Sizzles. So what kind of chicken do I have here, besides a cute little Mutt? Any more ideas on what breeds he came from? Body looks a bit more like a Sebright than a Cochin to me.
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    Sizzle Silkie, Isn't that a Silkie in the frying pan? [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    A sizzle is a cross between a silkie and a frizzle [​IMG] = Sizzle [​IMG] [​IMG] if you breed it you'll have to breed it to a chicken with straight feathers Also you have to breed a fizzle to a chicken with straight feathers not another frizzle cause the feathers will be delicate and break
  9. Thanks so much for all the Sizzle info. He might make cute babies. Guess it's worth a try. Appreciate you all.
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    he's most likely a sizzle x sebright....

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