What is Ameraucana "blue"?

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    I know Ameraucanas have the blue egg gene. I'm just wondering what constitutes "blue."

    I have an older EE that lays a beautiful Tiffany blue egg.
    I have two younger EEs (about 8 months old) that just started laying. I think it's them. I'm getting some olive colored eggs that I never got before.
    I have a blue Ameraucana that just started laying, I think. I'm also getting a blue egg, but it's not the Tiffany blue like my EE. It has an olive tinge, but not enough to make it a green egg. It's just not bright light blue like the EE egg.
    I also have two EEs that are about 6 months old. I don't know if they're laying yet, but they could be.

    So, my question is, what makes an egg "blue?" The olive eggs are very Tiffany blue on the inside when the membrane is removed. Is it most likely that the Ameraucana is laying the new darker blue egg? Do they lay a range of blue?


    The front center egg is the Tiffany blue EE egg (she's been laying that color for over a year). The lighter on the left could either be considered pale olive or dark bluish-green and are the ones in question. The five on the right are olive. Two are speckled with red and three are not. I got one yesterday that had so many speckles it looked brown until you looked closely. The inside was bright blue.
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    I guess I just found the answer to my question. There is an Ameraucana egg color chart that shows a variety of shades of blue, including a few that would put my darker blueish/green egg in that appropriate range. I'm pretty sure those are her eggs now.
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    Could you provide a link to the chart?
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    I would love to see that chart as well. I, personally, really enjoy having eggs of various colors and depths of blues and greens. I will say this again though as I have said previously on a few occasions. My family kept Araucanas many years ago, before the term "Easter Egger" even existed and before Ameraucanas were really considered a distinct breed (we had them before I was even born and I remember the eggs vividly from the time I was in grade school because I even would take the eggs to school for show and tell, we are talking like late 60's-early 70's).

    The color of the eggs has changed considerably over the years, probably due to outcrossing to brown or tinted egg layers. When I was a child, you didn't see these gradations in color. All of the eggs were light, bright blue. There were no shades of green, olive, darker blue, etc... If you are interested in breeding anything other than EE's, I would definitely select for the lighter blue. Anything other than that probably suggests EE. If it doesn't matter to you (it doesn't to me since I don't show or breed to sell), then go for whatever colors you like.
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