What is everyone paying for 50# of chicken grower feed


Jul 1, 2020
Deep East Texas Sabine County
I only have 9 full grown laying hens. 6 white leghorns and 3 domaniques. I'm paying $14.50 a bag for 18% grower feed. That's the cheapest I can find and that is Lone Star brand. How much should 9 chickens eat in a week or month?? They are eating like CRAZY especially as the weather is starting to cool off! They need to start laying GOLDEN EGGS!! Does everyone keep feed in there 24 hours a day? Is that what we are suppose to do? How much could I supplement with scratch? I believe it is a lot less expensive.


Crossing the Road
Jul 3, 2016
WA, Pac NW
My Coop
All my food is expensive, $30+ per bag, so everything else seems like a bargain to me. :)

I do not leave feed out at night so as to not tempt rodents.

Scratch is a treat and not adequate substitute for feed.

How much feed are you going through a week, or a month? I refill a 7 lb feeder about once every 5-6 days, plus a little more (9-10 lbs) in fermented feed, and buy 2 bags of feed about every 6 weeks. That's for 11 birds.


Apr 22, 2020
Im paying 16.49 for a 50 pound bag. I have 20 chickens and 9 ducks. I go through a bag in about a week. Chickens eat what they need and know how much they need. I don't mind because I know they are healthy. They have 24/7 access. I do not have overweight birds either. I think chickens are probably the cheapest animal I have ever owned 😂

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