What is going on with my poor girls feet?

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  1. My BLRW has been refusing to come out of the coop for the past week. She will go down to eat and drink, and then goes right back up to roost. I figured she just wasn't a fan of the cold/snow, and just felt happier in the coop. I finally went to really check her out after calling the girls into the run for a snack and she didn't come out.

    I was horrified to find her feet looking like this!!! Is this frostbite? It has been cold here, last week was -25F below zero with -50F below zero windchills. I very rarely use a heat lamp, but I did turn it out when it got that cold. My coop is very windproof and I thought well ventilated. None of the other chickens have any issues, just this poor girl. Any idea what it is and if there is anything I can do?


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    It looks as if two of her toes are actually frozen. If that is the case, they will turn black, dry up and eventually fall off. What are you using for roosts? Many recommend 2 X 4's with the larger side up so that their feet are covered in the evenings as they roost/sleep. It is painful but generally not life threatening for your hen.
  3. Ugh, poor girl!! I use the 2x4 with wide side up so they can lay on their feet to keep them warm. It breaks my heart that she is having this happen, can't imagine how painful that is!

    Should I soak them in epsom salt or is that just going to make it worse?
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    Do some searching:
    advanced search>titles only>frostbite on feet

    I will ask mod to move this thread to the emergencies forum, might get more response there.

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