What is going on with these eggs? Pics

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    I know these aren't the best pics but I'm hoping someone can give me some insight on what is going on with these eggs.

    A little bit of history.

    A friend and I decided to try our hand hatching duck eggs (I've hatched chickens in the past). He has Saxony ducks so he collected some eggs and gave them to me to try (my ducks weren't laying yet). He put some of his eggs in his incubator 2 weeks after my original batch. Out of 20 something I think he hatched two successfully.

    My first attempt didn't go so well either. I got a temp spike in my LG and lost them all. A few weeks later I got a Hovabator and some more eggs from him. I started with 25, tossed 15 after 10 days and then tossed another one last week that went rotten (fully formed).

    I'm currently in lockdown but I had a chance to get some pictures (not good ones [​IMG]) prior to going into lockdown. I finally got them uploaded and was hoping someone could tell me what they see.

    I will add - I put 16 of my Indian Runner eggs in this hatch and only had to toss one. As of this morning (day 27) I have one IR hatched and 4 more pipped externaly.

    So - what do you see? [​IMG] These are views from the bottom of the egg day 25. At this stage all of my IR eggs were completely dark.


    It is like there are blood clots in there but I have seen some of these move.






    I have tons more if anyone wants to see them.
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