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    Jun 26, 2014
    I have two mature hens who are about one year old (so I was told). I rescued the first hen in June, and she lays an egg every day and sometimes skips one day. My second hen I rescued about 3 1/2 weeks ago from the same place. She has never laid a single egg. When my first hen goes through her laying routine in the henhouse, the second hen follows her. Hen 1 goes to her laying spot, makes lots of noise and turns in circles over and over until she's comfy, then she lays her egg. Hen # 2 goes to her own spot on the opposite shelf and does the same thing, but no egg. When hen #1 leaves the coop after laying her egg, hen #2 goes over to the nest with the egg laid by #1, sits on it for a few minutes, then she leaves the henhouse as well, like she laid an egg. What is going on? I'd like to add that she has a partial spur on one leg, so I don't know if she has hormone issues and will never lay an egg. Or if maybe that she is past her egg laying age? She is growing some new quills on the front of her neck. Anyone know what I can do? Or if this is normal?

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    You say both hens were rescued from the same place, but not at the same time, yet we're to believe that they're the same age. Interesting. The little I know about people from whom living creatures need to be rescued (and it's not much) is not suggestive of due diligence in even the most basic aspects of animal care, much less being knowledgeable about it's actual age or possibly (as might be with your case) even it's correct gender. As for the copycat routine, I find it rather sweet and amusing at the same time. If hen #2 is older than you were told, she very well could be done laying. Regarding the partial spur and whether or not it's hormonal, I'm sorry to say that I haven't a clue. I guess just about anything is possible, though, so, maybe. The only other thing I can think of off the top of my head, is that you may have rescued a roo with some unresolved maternal issues...LOL !!! Good luck to you and your rescues. With the time and effort you put into your post, I know that they're in their forever home !!! Thank You! :)
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    Laying hens can have spurs.
    If she has new 'quills' on her, she's probably coming out of a molt...and they don't lay when they are molting.
    Those 'quills' are new feathers growing in, with the sheathing still on.

    She may finish up the molt soon and start laying...or it may take weeks.

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