What is normal "poop" after antibiotic treatment?

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    May 3, 2009
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    One of my Rhode Island Red chicks escaped the brooder into the attached adult RIR pen and the hens pecked the back of her neck open. The area was about the size of a quarter, very bloody, and down to muscle tissue. I brought her into the house, put her into a brooder by herself, gave her liquid MVI (just for healing support) and treated the wound locally for the first 24 hrs. Then she started to look worse, more lethargic, not eating well, and increased swelling to her head, so I gave her Sulmet drinking water solution as directed on bottle. She has improved greatly, the wound is healing (still treating it locally), eating well, etc. I gave her some yogurt after the course of antibiotics. Her poop was normal during antibiotic treatment and for 2 days after, but today it is watery. The color is still normal, brownish with some white and clear liquid, but it is much more watery. I have probios that you give to horses and goats, is it okay to give to a chicken to get the digestive tract back into sync after antibiotics?

  2. Oh my, hope she is better soon. I don't really know about the poop, but sure hope someone soon comes along that has an answer for you.

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