What is she? my mystery chick.


9 Years
Mar 21, 2010
Cecilia KY
This is a chick I received as an extra from Ideal last month. She came in with Cochins and Brahmas. For the longest time I thought Orpington then today relaized the leg color is wrong. Hers are yellow and my Orps are white. She is loose feathered and not quite as large as the cochins the same age, single combed.
i just went out and looked at my buff orp chicks that we got last month from ideal and they both have white legs, but other than that i still think orp.
I was leaning towards a Buff Rock. Ideal must have have a over abundance of them in August. Instead of a cochin I got a partridge rock and then this was an extra. It is OK I love their personalities the clowns of my flock! They both are hens so they both will lay eggs.
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