What is special about Mandarin Ducks and Wood Ducks


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Feb 4, 2009
Hi yall,

I was just wondering, what is so special about Mardarin and Wood ducks? From the little time that I have been on this forum, I have read lots on Muscovies, Buffingtons, and etc, but not Mandarins or Woods. Are they endangered, or are they just not good to have in a farm environment?
Mandarins are probably the prettiest duck ever, though the male woodies are also beautiful. People like them because they are easy to keep compared to other wild ducks, pretty obviously, give a good return on hatchng eggs if you want to sell them, and are quiet.

Oh, and you don't need a permit to own wood ducks, only to sell them or the eggs.

Probably the reasons more people don't own them is because you need an aviary type enclosure which can be a lot of work and cost a bit of money to put together, and they are hard to hatch so you almost always have to buy adult birds and have them shipped.
They are tough to get the trust & relative calmness that the domestic breeds will give you but their sheer beauty is the attraction. Both are easy keepers but are a wild breed and would need an enclosure as stated above.



I had Mandarins and I let them free range and they came in at night. I don't know if i was just lucky or not. They were friends with my calls.

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