What is the average medical costs for having a baby?


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My husband has been starting to talk about having kids. One problem is we still live with his parents but plan to build a house. He wants to have a kid first then build a house the following year so he could have money saved up. The problem is I know there isn't any saving money after a baby is born. I'd also rather have the house first since it would be nice and clean with room to raise a baby. Right now we spend most of our time in his room since his mom is a chain smoker and the house isn't that clean. There is another empty bedroom down the hall from his sister moving. Only problem with that room is that during the winter it is freezing cold since there aren't enough floor vents. During the summer it is hot and the fuse shuts off if you try to run an a/c in there. I bring that up to him and he said to have the kid in his room. That causes more problems cause there isn't room and it gets cold in here also if the wind is blowing from a certain direction. He then said to clean out his large closet to put some of the stuff in but have the crib beside our bed. He sleeps with the light on due to night terrors and I know from helping my sister raise her kid that a baby isn't going to sleep with a bright light on. I'm also worried about allergies cause I had really bad allergies as a kid that the doctor was wanting my parents to get rid of the pets, throw my stuff animals away, and for my dad to smoke outside. I eventually got shots which helped reduce them. The washing machine and dryer in the house have everyone's clothes plus all the barn clothes washed in it also. They usually try to wash the barn clothes and then do a couple loads of towels after. Since I can't seem to get it through to my husband that it would be better to have the house built first then the baby I figured I'd get an estimate of the cost it is going to be for the doctor visits, possible c-section, hospital stay, and then the baby items just to have a newborn without the later costs. We won't be able to get help with costs most likely and he says that won't be a problem cause those places like WIC probably don't really help much. My sister went through WIC and they helped her a lot to get started. They paid for all the cans of baby formula which I know cost a lot. I plan to do it the natural way which will cut that down some. With helping my sister I got an idea of what items to have and know of items she didn't have that would of been helpful if she did. My husband is 32 and I'll be 27 next month and he wants to start having some kids cause he doesn't think his parents will be around much longer and fertility reasons.
For just the c-section it was $15,000 for me six years ago, and that was with only a three day hospital stay. Five years before that it was $13,000 with a five day stay. I can't imagine what it is now. Do you have medical insurance? Insurance will cover your prenatal care but you will meet your deductible while in the hospital and you may have coinsurance costs after the deductible as well.

From all that you have said, I think it would be very wise for you to wait to have a baby until you are in your own home.
10G's -12 years ago vaginal birth Can I add..dont depend on the "system" to help you if you can't afford to move out and get a place of your own now... -before having children..you should wait until you get your ducks lined up better.
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all i have to say is good luck saving after the baby is born. the first 2 years of a babys life is the most expensive. i agree with you. get the house built. and your not garenteed to get wic, especially since you are married. i lost my wic cuz i lived with the father. we were not even married yet, but that didn't matter. my sister could not get wic cuz she lives with her babys daddy and they are not married. but look into it. wic has changed so much since i was on it. good luck to you
I don't know the reason for living with his parents, but if you can't afford to have your own place you can't afford a baby. You need to be out on your own before you even think about having a child. JMO
If you are in doubt, then don't. Babies are expensive- not just the birthing experience, but the raising part too.
No medical insurance for ya, Hon'? I don't know how much it cost to have my munchkin because I worked right on through
my pregnancy in order to have health insurance in place to pay for it so I can't be much help answering that
question. But.... in my opinion, move out BEFORE you think about having kids. Get the house built and then see
what kind of money you have.

You are only 27. Yep, I said 'ONLY'!! You have another 10-14 years of great
fertility left. No need to rush it. I get the sense that there are a lot of issues coming into play that are making
you hesitant, yes? Most of them seem centered around the issues of living with his folks. Get the issues worked
out first and then see how you feel. I wouldn't want to have a baby and be counting on support from WIC.

And even if you plan to have the baby naturally, there is NO WAY to predict the outcome of labor. If you need
an emergency c-section, if the baby needs additional help breathing, eating, anything- I, in no way want to scare
you, but unexpected things happen. Unexpected, expensive things!

Here is a website that looks like it has pretty good info: http://pregnancy.lovetoknow.com/wiki/Cost_of_Having_a_Baby

I personally wouldn't bring a baby into someone else's house, especially if they chain smoke. I'd move out first. There's got to be a nice house out there that will work for you. Building one is really expensive.
Most people have or can get some sort of health insurance to cover some of the costs of having a baby. For example, it's unlikely you'd pay the full 15,000 dollars for a c section. You could get some sort of help with it.

But on average, people still wind up paying a lot of costs, even when they do have insurance. And the costs don't stop. Babies need a lot of things.

And the thing is, there are no real guarantees. You can have a very easy birth or you can have problems - you can have problems all during the pregnancy. You can get problems and have to be on bed rest for months and lose a lot of income. A lot of things can happen.

You can have problems wth the birth - the kid can be disabled, have a handicap, need surgery to fix something as simple as a cleft palate.

Having children involves a lot of risk, and alot of that risk is financial.

As far as having a baby where people smoke - no. Not even if they smoke in another room or don't blow it right in the baby's face.

Second hand smoke is getting linked to all sorts of health problems - everything from cancers (not just lung cancer) to allergies to asthma later in life. Don't put that all on an innocent baby.

Of course it affects your health too. You're suckin' up a lot of smoke when you're around heavy smokers even if they aren't right in the room with you. It can affect your health and your safe child bearing and all sort of things for year to come.

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