What is the best chicken coop flooring and insulation? Also ventilation.

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    Dec 2, 2014
    I'm converting a wooden garden shed into a chicken coop. I want to know what flooring and insulation is the best.
    I was going to use lino for the floor but have seen on other threads that it will probably be damaged quite quickly. I've seen someone mention some rubber liquid stuff that sets, but I can't remember what it's called or if I can get it in Ireland?
    Also I need to go cheap with the insulation, I read somewhere about using one inch polystyrene. I could probably use that all over and put sheets on thin ply wood over it to stop them pecking. Would this be any good?
    And for ventilation, I know I need lots, but where do I put it and how should it be (holes, big squares etc).
    Thanks in advance :)
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    You probably don't need insulation.
    If you get a good vinyl sheet flooring (heavy duty with a foam backing) and are careful with it, it won't break down.

    There's a good article on ventilation in my signature below.
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    The roof rubber works very, very well. It is called Black Jack 57 I think and if mixed well prior to rolling it on is the best floor bar none. I use and recommend it to anyone whom will install it properly. I got mine at Lowe's here in the USA. I would suppose there would be something to serve the same purpose over in the Emerald Isle. Of course other things do work… but I think the rubber floor coat to be the best.

    Best to you and your birds,

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    I agree, I went with BlackJack and LOVE IT! I think folks can get it in white too. Vinyl flooring can get mold or bugs under it, blackjack seals everything completely and it is not slippery (also helps prevents mice/bugs/snakes from sneaking in).

    It is very very hard to mix though, it broke paint stir sticks and I had to use a piece of rebar. Op if you can have the guys at the hardware store shake it for you that might help.

    For ventilation I went with "window flaps", which is basically a square window hole cut in the side, then the cut piece is hinged at the TOP. During the day I open the window flap to let a lot of air in, then shut it at night during the winter (during warm weather the flaps stay open 24/7, hardware cloth covers them). When it rains the flaps can provide ventilation while keeping the water out like a little roof.
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