What Is The Best Egg Laying Breed?


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There are lots of great laying breeds out there...Orpingtons, Plymouth Rocks, Black Stars, RIR's, EE's, etc...Check out these 2 breeds pages for some great info on all the aspects of each of the breeds...



Good luck picking your breeds! Some of these breeds are very friendly and make great pets or dual purpose birds as well. Welcome to our flock!


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Hello, I am fairly new to raising chickens. A couple of years ago I decided to order a variety of different chicks for mostly brown eggs... they are just so so layers.
I decided last year to order 12 Pearl White Leghorns and they are the best layers that I have. They started laying at about 15-16 weeks and lay large to extra large white eggs everyday some even double yolkers!. I can count on getting an egg from each of them everyday even throughout the cold Illinois winter. They are my early morning layers, unlike the others that lay throughout the day. They are very adventurous and love to follow me around. They do fly out of their pen and love to spend the afternoons in the pen eating with our black lab. They are very friendly and allow you to reach under to gather their eggs. They are not overly large hens so don't eat as much as some of the larger breeds.
I have never clipped their wings for fear they may not be able to fly out of harms way. They return each evening and stand at the door of their coop and wait for us to let them in!
I hope this has helped answered some of your questions but I am sure there may be other breeds that are equally as good!
Good Luck!


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Hello :frow and Welcome To BYC! For egg numbers alone, X2 on the commercial White Leghorns like the Pearl Whites for white eggs, and the Red Sex Links (Golden Comet, Red Stars, ISA Browns etc) for brown eggs, they are probably the most popular layers around and can't hardly be beat for production, especially if you are going to replace your birds when they start slowing down on laying. If you want breeds that don't lay quite as well but will lay for a longer time, Orpingtons (lots of people really like these, great pets though broody) Australorps, Plymouth Rocks, Sussex, Delaware and Wyandottes are some other popular breeds, they all lay different shades of brown eggs. If you like a colorful egg basket the Easter Egger, often sold as Ameraucana by hatcheries, are a fun breed because they usually lay green/blue eggs, and they tend to be very nice birds, and then there are the Welsummer and Marans for dark brown eggs.
You might also like to check out your state/country thread to see what people in your area have and are happy with https://www.backyardchickens.com/t/270925/find-your-states-thread


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Welcome to BYC
I agree with the above. I had a few Leghorns and more eggs than I knew what to do with! RIR are also good layers and have much nicer personalities IMO. Leghorns tend to be a bit skittish.

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Rhode Island Red, Leghorn, Sex-Link, Australorp, Golden Buff, (also known as Golden Comet, Red Star and Cinnamon Queen.)
Campine, Wyandotte and Ancona are all great layers.

Rhode Island Reds are sometimes broody and sometimes aggressive. Leghorns are flighty, free-spirited and not broody. Sex-Links are docile (males can be bossy) and are not generally broody. Australorps are often broody and very friendly. Golden Buffs are generally friendly and sometimes broody. Campines are free-spirtied and not broody. Wyandottes are friendly and sometimes broody. Anconas are not broody and are independent.

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