What is the best Quail food?

I don't suppose that Purina exports their products internationally do they?
I couldn't see anything on their website that would suggest they would serve the UK.
When you say start to death, does that include birds you keep solely for eggs, or just meat birds that would be killed at aronud 9 weeks of age?
EVERYTHING....i would use this for a 2yr old bird if i had one.

in my mind, its the BEST GBS you can buy(opinion!!!)

and about shipping internationally, i'm sorry but i have no idea, we have a few members from england around here, i'd try and shoutout to them on the quail forums ask them what they use.
For biddies I use Purina Gamebird Starter unmedicated ground up and for adults I feed the same stuff but I add finch seed and oyster shells for a more complete diet as well as mealworms.
The feed store doesn't carry startena, but it has a "house brand" from a mill about 45 miles away that runs identical stats, so I use that, with some occasional treats of eggs, moths, crickets and hornworms (mine are in the garden, and any stray bad bug is given to them for "recycling").

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