what is the best way to keep tropical pheasants warm in winter?

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Jun 21, 2021
currently I raise red goldens, and blue peafowl, and will have some reeves in the near future. however I really want to get into some of the more exotic pheasant varieties like Argus and green peafowl. only problem is I live in the middle of Colorado where temperatures regularly drop below 20 degrees. if I want some would I need a temperature controlled green house? or could I just build very large coop with a big heater inside onto a pen and lock them in there for the winter? any replies are greatly appreciated, just wanted to make sure it was even a plausibility before I start saving money for some.


Mar 27, 2020
Yes you will need to provide heat for them,but you also may need a backup source if you lose power for any length of time.
The problem is when you provide heat they do not produce the down that keeps them warm.They cannot handle the cold so you must provide heat for them.I believe their deal is their legs are so long they cannot cover them when they roost.

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