what is the likely cause of my copper maran's death?

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    Jun 4, 2013
    For the past week and a half, I have been nursing my poorly chicken, but just as soon as she seemed to be getting better she made a turn for the worse within 2days, and unfortunately died a few hours ago : (
    I just want some closure on what could of caused her death?
    So here's the low down.
    She had stopped laying eggs for about 2 months, but I thought it was because she was moulting.
    I noticed she didnt run out of her coop when I let the chooks out for their daily scavange, she would huddle and sleep for most of the day. And had a dirty vent
    Then about 3 days afterwards she found it difficult to stand. So I took her in, fed her some vitamin drops and put cider vinegar in her water. Gave her a bath and she seemed to be happier, but noticed she wasnt eating, but was drinking.
    Next day she picked at her food, but not loads, but I saw that as a positive sign as she wasnt eating before. She still drank.
    She continued to pick at her food, but not much for the rest of the week. I tried giving her allher favourite food but she didnt eat much still.
    Then on wednesday, she found it difficult to stand up, and wouldnt eat at all, she didnt want to drink either.
    Then today I noticed her comb went purple at the tips, so I gave her more vitamin drops and force fed and water her, at this point she started to droop her head, like she couldnt lift it. I noticed she drooled also. Then before I went for a bath, she was still drooping her head, but was still alive, and then 30mins later she had passed away : (
    Sorry for the long thread but I am trying to be as thorough as I can.
    She was only 2years old.
    Also, I had a white star chicken that passed suddenly, during the night, 2 days after I brung the copper maren in, but the white star showed no signs of illness.
    Please help, I have one columbian blacktail left and need to know what went wrong, in order to act fast to save this one, if the illness is infectious.
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    There is really no way to know without having a necropsy done on the one that died. Anything we come up with here will only be a guess. She could have had internal laying issues, which also causes peritonitis and sometimes ascites, it could have been some other major organ problems, cancer or it could have been some other disease process. There's just no way to pin it down without a necropsy.

    Other things I'd consider: Have you checked them all carefully for lice/mites? Are they on a regular deworming program? Were there any other symptoms at all, such as any respiratory symptoms that might point to a respiratory disease? Had she lost weight or did her body feel swollen in the abdomen? Just some things to think about. All you can do otherwise is watch the remaining bird carefully for any symptoms.
  3. kwanniet

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    Jun 4, 2013
    I did find mites once but now I always put diatomaceous earth in their coop and let them bathe in it too, and haven't seen any mites since. As for worming, I use verm-x but after some further research today, I am not sure if it was working? As there are people claiming it doesnt exterminate internal parasites, when it says its for control of worms and other internal parasites! I dont really know who could do necropsy? But I have ordered a worm count kit to see if it was down to worms.
    Thanks for your help

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