What is the 'norm' in terms of refunds or replacements from sellers?

Discussion in 'Emergencies / Diseases / Injuries and Cures' started by NHpugsnchicks, May 31, 2010.

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    May 31, 2010
    The chick I bought Sat at about 2:15 pm, about 5 weeks old, who became ill that very night with bloody poop, is not looking long for this world. I realize it varies from person to person and without some sort of written health guarantee I might just up up the creek without a paddle on this little one should she pass, but is there a general 'protocol' for replacing chicks that die like this within a certain time period? Would I be waaay out of line to call the sellers and ask if they might replace her, if she indeed dies within the next few hours? Is that something -most- chicken folks would happily do, replace a bird who dies within 48 or 72 hours or so, or is that bizarre and unheard of? The other 4 chickies in the flock, 2 from the same seller, different breeds, all seem happy and healthy- all on medicated food, all with meds in water. Just my poor little EE is failing rapidly....I did call them first thing his morning alert them to the situation and ask for advice, haven't heard back , but of course it's a big Holiday! Being a dog breeder I am all in the mindset of replacement/refund, but of course pups aren't chicks!

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    Each seller has their own policy. Most are, buyers keepers, SOL. My policy is CALL ME IMMEDIATLY if anything does not seem right. I will help you over the phone if it is fixable that way. Possibly the brooder temp, type of food, watering situation, living quarters need tweaking to make it a happy place for the chick is all. If the chick is sick and tips over the same day, or even the next day, especially at five weeks old, I'd be most happy to replace it, or refund if no replacement was available (that I wanted to part with [​IMG]) Any evidence of pre-existing illness, I'd really want to know about it and see if anything was wrong on my end, any management practices I could improve. The buyer would have to return with the dead or dying chick IMMEDIATELY to get a refund though. They don't get to dispose of it and then just claim it died. I need proof.

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