What is the purpose of V perches ?


13 Years
Jul 22, 2009
Alapaha, Ga
I have been looking at pigeon loft designs and I have saw that a lot of them have V perches and I was just curious what the V design is for and why it isnt just a straight pole sticking out ???????
v-perch are mostly for feather feet bird like trumpters, so they don't break or soil the feet feathers.

V Perches Are Used For Space Saveing Each Bird Has His Own Perch/ Droppings Do Not Soil Birds Under Them Easy To Clean Some Are Plastic And Removeable. A Round Perch With A Arm Type Stand Out Is Prefered For Muffed Breeds V Perches Are Mounted Againist The Wall Which Breaks Muffs
Ok Thanks, that makes sense so you can put perches right under each other and they get sheilded from the droppings from the above birds.

Gotcha... Thanks guys.
Clint, On the topic of V- perches, just make sure that they are made long enough where the perch underneath is shielded from the bird pooping above. 1x4's work well for building this type of perch. Also V perches usually reduce fighting as there is room for only one bird on them.
V-perches prevent soiling the feathers, of both the bird sitting on it, and the bird sitting below it. They are also easy to make!
Great for muffed breeds and fantails, who's tails normally stick out pretty far when resting, and get the most poop on them.

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