What is the responsibility of the seller in shipping egg.

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    What is the responsibility of the seller in shipping egg.
    A) That the eggs are fertile when shipped
    B) That egg are fertile and wrapped well but some could be broken with you get them
    C) That egg are wrapped well and none are broken
    D) That egg are wrapped well and none broken but air cells broken
    E) That egg are wrapped well and none broken no air cells broken
    F) That some hatch
    G) That half or more hatch

    I just what to know what all you guy expect when getting shipped eggs
    Me if I get them unbroken I am happy I think the seller did there part.
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    Quote:I bought shipped eggs recently. Here's my thoughts for it being my 1st time ...
    (1) How can anyone guarantee "ALL" eggs are fertile unless they isolate 1 roo & 1 hen?
    (2) I believe I should receive at least half fertile eggs. The way it is packaged is the FULL responsibility of the dealer.
    (3) If it's broken, it's most likely due to postal handling. At the same time, if more then 3 are broken, I would look at the packaging.
    (4) same as 3
    (5) same as 3
    (6) I pray for at least half & is MY responsibility concerning humidity, temps, incubator, TLC, etc.
    (7) If I ask for a dozen, I PRAY for at least half BUT the dealer has to be extremely sure there is a great chance of fertility. If un-sure, be honest.

    My 2 pennies ....
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    I expect quick shipping with good packaging for minimal breakage. Guaranteed fertility would be awesome, but I don't think anyone can guarantee that....even roos have off days! On shipped eggs, if I get a 50% hatch rate, I'm happy! [​IMG]
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    I expect the very best that can be done. If they're not fertile, badly packed, or broken, my business goes elsewhere. Just do your BEST! [​IMG]
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    I expect A and C..
    Fertile and wrapped well and unbroken.

    Air cells arent the sellers fault..if they were wrapped well.. its the USPS fault..
  6. I expect the seller to know that their eggs are fertile (have a good fertility rate), doing checks in the incubator to make sure their rooster is doing their job. Preferably every other week or 2. Roosters could be fertilizing for a while and then stop, who knows. I expect the eggs to be wrapped well, and cushioned really well. So far, in ordering eggs I have never been dissapointed in any wrapping/packing jobs

    eta: Im adding eggs to the incubator either weekly or every other week to make sure the eggs are fertile, and all of the eggs set have been fertile.

    I also expect that if the seller is having problems at home, like not getting chicks to hatch, to not offer eggs until they figure out wether the problem is incubator related, or something genetic that is keeping them from hatching.
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    Fertile and well packaged
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    SundownWaterfall in post #6 is completely correct that is the the seller responsibility to consistently do quality control checks on the fertility of eggs for every hen. If the sellers themselves is not getting acceptable hatch rates, then the sellers should abstain from selling those eggs until the fertility is assured. The standards are more relaxed if you are trading or giving away eggs.
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    A C and F -IMO :)

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