what is the wierdest chicken breed that will put people in awe?

* LOL-- It's ugly, and illegal to own. Sorry.
(Ed: Oh, and, I forget what's called. . . But, apparently, it looks more like an owl than a chicken.
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Personally, i think showgirls and turkens are the weirdest looking chickens. People just do a double take when you see them!

Or maybe those completely naked chickens........whatever they are. :hmm
Naked-neck chickens (Turkens) by far!! I just got two of them. They are about 5 weeks old now. They are so ugly, they are cute!! Only a momma could love. Ha! You should google them to see a picture.
Silkies and modern bantams usually do it for me. Turkens are quite the head turner as well. Also, I find that anything laced, especially silver laced sebrights are very popular. I had a ton of people try to buy a pair off me a few years fair simply because they loved their coloring.

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