What is this chick? Blue Sumatra?

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    I got my Cackle Hatchery Surprise today. Of course I have no idea what most of the chicks are, but have them narrowed down to one or two options.

    This chick has me confused. At first I was rooting for Yokohama, but the legs are the wrong color, right?

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    There's no black on the face and beak, so not a Sumatra.

    Looks to be a rose comb or rose comb-ish...could be Cackle's Yokohama as their chicks look similar...I'm not sure what the leg color is with my screen...sort of dark yellow? Cackle shows yellow legs on their Yokohama chicks. Hatchery chicks can vary in leg color, so if it is in the tones of yellow...it could be your Yokohama.

    If they are green legs, then no, it won't be your Yokohama. Green legs would indicate possibly an Easter Egger...but the comb is wrong...as it clearly has a rose comb...could be an EE with a rose (?) ...although rose comb over pea comb gives walnut (I think)....so doubtful EE.

    The other breed that I see listed in Cackle's rare breeds is a White Wyandotte that would have a rose comb and yellow legs.

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