What is This Chick? Confusing Me! 7 Week old Del *UPDATED PICS PAGE 3


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May 9, 2010
Egglanta, GA
This Delaware chick is five weeks old. I am planning on selling it this weekend so need to know gender. I was thinking pullet, but look at it now...






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Sorry, I don't mean to bump, but I really need to know so I can contact some people and set up my auction...
I am not an expert on sexing so i could be wrong. It looks to me as if it is a pullet. It is still a little early to tell i think. Some of the feathers makes me think boy but then the comb and everything else makes me think boy.
For my Delawares it was especially difficult to tell - I was never quite sure until they actually started laying eggs. Turned out they both were girls - but developed very differently and at very different rates.
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the pictures aren't very clear, but I would guess roo. The hackle feathers in the first photo are very pointy looking. Legs look thicker also.
Both sexes with these Delawares have thick legs. I'm not so sure of the sex of that one, Nick. Why are you in a hurry to sell it? Be better to wait a bit and not make the mistake of selling a pullet. Tasha, who is ten weeks old, has humongous legs and there is no question she's a she. If I was forced to call it now, however, I'd lean toward a late blooming cockerel, but then again, they've fooled me before.

Your pictures are really not clear enough to make a judgement call, way too grainy.
I want to sell it soon because I want brooder space, and am one that likes to have everything sorted asap. We just want to et settles with these, I guess, plus we are leaving town for a while next week.

Thank you for the pictures!

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