What is this in the breast meat?

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    A little context. I butchered Cornish X broilers today. This is the breast meat of 8-9 week old pullet. The meat is fibrous and green. If it were gangrened I'd think it would smell rotten, but there was no odor. I disposed of this meat, the pink "healthy"-looking meat adjacent to it had a different more callous texture.

    Question: Has anyone ever seen this in butchered birds? THIS IS NOT A BRUISE, NOR IS IT AN ORGAN, NOR IS IT BILE STAINED FLESH FROM SLAUGHTER. My birds are handled gently, they do not roost they don't jump down from anything and bust their breasts. Appreciate sharing your knowledge if you know what this is. It was found immediately behind the breast keel bone. It was a long cigar shaped green shaft of meat embedded in the breast flesh.

    Thanks everyone for your input.

  2. Nevermind, y'all. I think I found something on "the internets" called Deep Pectoral Myopathy, caused by excessive wing flapping. Gee I thought my birds flapping their wings for exercise was a good thing! LOL

    Any of you see this often in your birds?

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