What is this Parasite Egg?!!!

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Jul 6, 2013
Can anyone help me identify this parasite/pest egg?... I haven't found ANYTHING on-line showing parasite eggs that look like this on chickens! I've been searching on-line for two hours now.

The feathers are from my molting rooster, found while cleaning the coop tonight. The eggs are organized, just like insect eggs I sometimes find in the garden. I'm familiar with feather lice nits, but these are quite different.

If you know what this is, I owe you a million thanks!

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Nov 27, 2012
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Found this pic(scroll about 3/4 down the page) of feather mite eggs on a purple martin feather.......looks similar.

I'd put those feathers in a tight glass jar in a warm place and see what hatches.

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