What is viral pneumonia? Please help!

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    I have been having trouble with sick birds, which started in a poorly ventilated coop with moisture buildup. I had just about given up hope (all blood tests are negative except for virus isolation which aren't back yet) and read somewhere about Viral Pneumonia - What is it?

    Do the birds become "carriers"? Will it pass on to the chicks? What are the symptoms? It did sound in a lot of them like water in the lungs. Is it something they get and get over and don't pass around after that? ANY HELP AT ALL GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!!
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    There are several different respiratory illnesses chickens can get, and from what I understand they are very difficult to treat. Many of them cannot be cured and your chickens will be carriers for life. I am not an expert on respiratory illness in chickens, but if you search on this site, you will find much information, including symptoms and treatment options. Sounds like you have had some tests done by a vet? If that is the case, your vet would be the best source for information on the particular illness in your flock and how to treat it. And, if you haven't fixed your ventilation problems yet, you will want to do that ASAP. Good luck to you :)

    Edited to add: Here is a link to some information on respiratory illness in chickens http://edis.ifas.ufl.edu/ps044
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