What is your favorite digital thermometer/hygrometer?


11 Years
Feb 17, 2008
Montpelier, Virginia
I have currently in my 2362n a accu-rite digital temp/humidity display, 1 basic dial reptile hygrometer, and 2 other digital thermometers. Yes, all in 1 bator. I did calibrate the hygrometers, 1 is a bit more reliable than the other, but the temps are at any given time usually 1.5 degrees apart.. (all showing different temps) I just acquired 2 more bators, and I want to have really good digital units that I can rely on. What are people's favorites? The only one I use that I really don't like is the Accu-rite one, it doesn't show tenths of a degree, and I think the temperature reading is off.

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