What items are must haves or a waste of money when buying for a new baby?

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    With items like wipe warmers, baby slings, bassinets and so many other baby products out there it is hard to tell what to buy and what to avoid getting. I have been reading through some of the What to Expect books which tell you the basic items you need. With so big of a selection of different items and different brands I have no clue what to get.

    I have been lucky that my older sister had a baby before me even though she never wanted children. I got plenty of hands on experience by helping her since the father was never really around. Due to her situation she wasn't able to buy to much of the high tech baby gadgets or some of the other items that would have been very helpful even though it wasn't a needed to have item. That was 9 years ago and there are even more products out today.

    My husband and me finally decided to start trying for a baby in a few months. We both mentally aren't ready for a new baby and never will be ready but we know we want at least one. We've been together for almost 8 years and aren't getting any younger. I will be 28 this spring and he will be 34 this fall. My parents are older than his and getting more health problems each year. I'd like for them to be around to see their second grandchild even thought I do live 15 hours away from my side of the family. My husband's parents don't have any grandchildren and his dad is always nagging for us to get started. He wants to be able to still get around when the child is born.

    I wanted to know what everyone's opinions are on different items they have tried whether it was for a newborn or a toddler. What items do you recommend for mothers to have and why you consider the item worth having? Are there brands of items that are better than others especially with diapers? What items should be avoided due to possible safety risks or are just a complete waste of money? Which items should you absolutely have in your nursery before the baby arrives?

    I know I could search around online for lists of items to get but I thought it would be more helpful to get opinions on the items from mothers who have tried the items. I know there have to be other expecting or new mothers here on BYC that are wondering what to buy also or to ask for on store registries for baby shower items they would like to have.

    P.S. Sorry if I posted this in the wrong section.

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    Diapers... Huggies or Pampers. Wipes...Huggies are best. Baby monitor...a must. Breast pump...if you choose to nurse. and lots of onsies and burp cloths!!!
    A Boppy is nice if you are nursing too, much more comfy for you and baby.

    We didn't bother with a bassinet, but a Pack n Play is a huge life saver...

    Blankets and one piece sleepers...

    I'm sure many will tell you that you need much more than that, but with these essentials, you will make it through your first weeks home with a wee one...
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    Hi, its been 7 years, but I still remember some of the things that were helpful.

    You cannot have enough burp cloths

    The "Miracle Blanket" was a life saver. Google it and check it out.

    After about 3-4 months the exersauser was very nice to have.

    Front pack so you can still do stuff and hold the baby is good.

    Breast feeding is the best, but I still had to supplement. It doesn't hurt to have a back up of formula. If you go on the formula's websight you can sign up and get lots of free formula and good coupons. That stuff is not cheep!

    Small bathtub for the sink.

    diaper rash cream

    A crib bumper is not needed nor recommended.

    A good stroller will go a long way. You may use it up to 5 years.

    Make your own baby food. It's easy. Cook the carrots or whatever. Blend them and put them in ice cube trays. When frozen put in ziplocks. Use as needed.
    Good luck [​IMG]
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    There are a few things to keep in mind and what I can remember...had my daughter (now 7) and I'm 46 years old so don't wait too long or you can not keep up with them LOL!

    Here is the MUST need list:
    Crib (do not get "hand me down" old cribs because of safety issues)
    Bassinette, if you are breastfeeding and at night you can keep it close by without getting out of bed. If you are not BF, then bassinette would not be very necessary.
    BF items
    Changing tables are not necessary, the modern cribs can lift up the mattress or you can change it on the mattress.
    Dresser (get a practical one, preferably a wooden one, please anchor to wall) Dont buy those flimsy partical board set ups, they are worthless and downright dangerous.
    Diapers, diapers diapers
    Bibs and wet wipes
    Cloth diapers (for spit and throwups)
    Dont get too many infant newborn sizes, they grow so fast out of them. Get a variety of sizes for seven days or ten day supply each week so you can spend one day washing.
    Do not buy too many "pretties" or picture potrait clothes, it won't last long or wear well after the first washings. I dont know how many times I really never needed them. A simple shirt and shorts during the summer and get clothes that would mix and match without getting all matched up of all kadiscope of colors when you got a shirt that got spit up and it wont match your green shirt with red shorts! Blue bottoms (like blue jeans/blue shorts) can match any shirt you have for top wise and can be changed without doing a complete do over. Coveralls are the popular bottom half of the clothing assemble! Be sure to get some with snaps on legs for infant or toddlers.
    Leave out the "scrunchies" headbands with flowers.....it looked ridiculous and serve no function. Get a cute practical hat instead that would last a while...a cotton cloth hat would do!
    If you are not BF, bottles and more bottles!
    When the kiddo is ready to eat solids, use your own food, like fresh green beans, corn, carrots, all cooked to tender! Baby foods in stores are ridiculous...have you eaten those? Bleeeeeeeeck! There is a device out there that you can puree your food into baby food. Only use baby food when you are too sick or away or on travels or pre made to last for a few days but no more.

    I think I can cover most bases here!

    Oh baby book is a necessity!

  5. ChickensAreSweet

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    The things I was very grateful for (some of them) were:

    door flip lock for exterior doors of house to keep kids from leaving unattended (see below link):


    wipe warmer
    all terrain wheel stroller
    diaper genie (but don't keep it in baby's bedroom as it outgasses perfume something fierce)
    baby bjorn carrier
    cloth diapers for burp cloths and diapers (use bucket to rinse out, pour in commode, then wash in washer)
    disposable diapers for car riding (those cloth diapers save a ton of money when used at home)
    baby swing but never leave them alone
    baby gates for stairs
    outlet covers, cabinet locks
    high chair
    minivan for nursing baby, diaper changes- very nice to get to the back without opening doors
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    Thanks for all the information so far. I plan on trying to breast feed if possible. If not then I'd like to try and use the pumps before going with the formula. My sister went with the formula and luckily she was using the WIC program cause those cans were expensive which she did have to buy some on her own when her baby got bigger and was eating more.

    I was wondering about the boppy pillow. They were expensive when my sister had her daughter but thought it would of been nice to have. She had a rocking chair that didn't even have padded arm rests which were uncomfortable. She was to busy and tired to make some for it. I definitely want to get a boppy for myself. Seems like it would be easier on the arms when sitting around the house while holding the baby besides the feeding.

    I'm going to ask for larger sized clothing since I don't need a ton of newborn clothing. I'd like to go yard sales or on ebay and buy a bunch of baby clothes as long as they are in good condition. The baby clothes from the stores are expensive for just one outfit that will be outgrown in just a short time. Going to yard sales saved my sister a ton of money and she didn't even use all the items. She bought a box full of sleepers from newborn to 1 year old sizes for $20.

    She had the gowns for at night which I definitely consider a must have for nighttime changes. Seemed to help avoid waking the baby up even more and less hassle. Another thing she didn't have that I'm going to buy is the car seat base. That was a pain getting the car seat in and out of the car without one and took a lot of extra time. I thought about buying the car seat that comes with a base and a matching stroller but wasn't sure if it would be just cheaper to buy them separate or used.

    Are wooden cribs better than metal cribs? I know my niece kept chewing on her metal one which we never had any paint chipping problems but I was worried about the wooden ones.
  7. EweSheep

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    cheaper to buy as a set, the stand, matching stroller all in one. I had one and it was great. Have to be really secure too!

    I have a metal crib that I bought from K's Merchandise, it was a sledder crib bed, which it starts off as a crib, then toddler bed. Great use out of it. I'm keeping the crib for my dd when she has her kids.

  8. reveriereptile

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    Mar 17, 2008
    Northern NY
    My sister had a similar crib which saved on money when her daughter got older instead of buying a toddler bed and turned into a day bed.

    I probably like the looks of the wooden ones better but the metal ones seemed easier to clean and without the worry of the baby chewing on the wood. One problem I noticed was when the baby is a year old and is pulling themselves up but trip and hit their head on the metal. The wood seems softer for the fall than the metal.

    I was glancing at different sites to see what is offered and the prices. I came across a cute baby blanket with pictures of baby ducks and frogs both on it. [​IMG] Hopefully the link works. If not it is a Carters frog velour sherpa baby blanket. I just had to share it. I love that Carters have a lot of baby duck items. If I have a girl it is going to be yellow instead of pink clothing and baby duck/chick theme. http://www.jcpenney.com/jcp/X6.aspx...Nao=21&PSO=0&bcCat=3&CmCatId=70676|71935&sa=1
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    No one mentioned Gas drops???? Good grief. GAS DROPS!!!! Buy yourself 2 packs of newborn diapers and tell everyone else to buy you the next two sizes up. Babies are out of the NB ones FAST.

    A booger sucker. MUST have a booger sucker.

    A back pack instead of a diaper bag. You can have the baby on the front and the bag on your back and be hands free.

    Buy a travel system instead of a separate car seat and stroller. It winds up being cheaper and the car seat snaps right into the stroller.

    Costco for diapers and wipes. They last FOREVER.

    Bouncer. I cannot get Cash or Kenny to calm down any other way.

    <--------------- proud grandmother of three new babies.

  10. Mommy 2 Wee Ones

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    Glider Rocker - lifesaver when you have those late night rocking sessions

    Infant Seat/Stroller Combo & a extra car seat for hubby (diaper bag too)

    Prince Lion heart Seat Protector - comes in two separate parts, the bottom when they are rear facing & the back attachment when they are front facing. It is a lifesaver for catching spills, and against seat gouges from the car seat.

    A Water-Proof Diaper Bag

    Diapers, only get One Pack of Newborn till you know how big the baby is. My youngest never used newborns even in the hosp.

    As a PP said Huggies Wipes, they are thick, have good wiping ability. Pampers were too thin, it was like wiping with a Kleenex.

    Destine Diaper Cream, Night Time. It is thick and heavy, protects the bum from diaper rash, does not come off easy.

    Onesie, Onesies, Onesies - They live in them!

    Bibs, you can not have too many bibs, I had 2 dozen, my oldest was a spitter-upper.

    If someone wants to go in and get you a big item gift Excersaucer! Both my girls were in it at 4 - 4 1/2 months, they loved it.

    A High Chair, that goes from infant to toddler

    If you need fru fru outfits, check the consignment shops or eBay. Got my oldest her Sailor Dress for $5.00 on eBay (hubby was in the Navy)

    Musical Mobile for the crib, mine had a remote, kept it by the bed.

    To cover the baby's hands so they don't scratch their face, Baby Socks, DO NOT GET THE MITTENS, they don't stay on.

    The Nail Clippers with the magnifier, Nasal Syringe

    Oxiclean & a Bucket - Keep these in your bath tub all the time, when the baby spits up on a outfit or clothing, get the bucket ready & put the clothes in right away. Soy Formula stains BAD!

    Playpen with infant bed & changing table insets.

    A combo of Sleepers with snaps & zippers, stay away from the gowns (a pain in the bum)

    Cloth Diapers for burp rags

    Waterproof liner for the crib & as a changing pad.

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