What just happened?!?! Purple chicken.


In the Brooder
Feb 28, 2021
Short version: she turned purple and went limp.
Long version: friends were coming to meet chickens and I picked up my Buff Orpington, Elsa (1 1/2 years old). I didn't think I was handling her any differently than normal but then our friend commented on the fact that her eyes were closed and I noticed her head flopping. I quietly took her back away from the others and her comb and waddle were turning purple and her eyes were closing and it looked like she was struggling to get air. Very scary.
After an eternity (3 or 4 minutes?) Her color slowly went back towards red and she moved her mouth more normally. She seems fine but I'm left thinking what just happened?
Any thoughts?
She does seem fine today. I thought I did something to accidentally kill her right when someone was here to meet chickens with their 3 year old!
It does seem consistent with having the wind knocked out of you though.

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