What killed my rooster


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Jun 25, 2021
My rooster was killed by something this morning, I think he lured it away from the hens, because all of the hens (and the one other younger rooster) where fine, I’m thinking it was a coyote or a fox rather than a stray dog because they drug him into the woods and ate him I think, I also found the bones of the hen that got killed by a dog a while ago, so atleast I have closure on one thing. I don’t even know if the rooster is dead by the way because I never found the body, I’m hoping he got away or atleast did some damage to whatever killed him because there’s feathers all over the place
I'm sorry you lost your rooster. Probably a coyote, I think. You have to keep your hens locked on their run for at least 2 weeks, now that a predator knows an easy meal, they will keep coming back.
I think it may have been a hawk, since the feathers are only in one spot and I haven’t seen anything coming back

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