What kind of chicks should you start with?Beginners Guide


Sep 25, 2015
There are many people who ask what kind of chicks they should start out with.

Well it all depends on what you want.Are you expecting eggs out of your hens,or do you just want pets.Or maybe even meat.

Let's get to the pets.Here are two silkie hens.Silkie rooster
Silkies:Silkies are probably one of the most nicest breed out there.They are bantam sized and large fowl sized.They usually do not lay every day,but are great for pets,shows,and decoration.They actually are able to groom,too.They also do great in cool climates.
Favorolles:Favorolles are beautiful,bearded,big,birds.They would great as pets,and are ok layers.They almost look like Easter eggers (who will be talked about too),accept they have a straight comb.I don't have any,but I have done research to see if they are something i'd be interested in,same with the Silkies.They do good in cool climates as well.They could also be used as meat birds.hen:There is no hiding the fact that their big birds.
Easter Eggers;They do great in cool climates,they are not huge birds,and ,are very calm,but flightly sometimes.If they are treated right,they too make the perfect pets.
Sex links:Usually isn't the most ideal pet people think of,but my black and red sex links,that I raise a lot,have been probably the most nicest out of any of the others.Also,they make great pets,and are good egg machines.

This is a red sex link rooster
Here is a black sex link hen.
Red sex link hen.
Black sex link rooster.

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