What kind of helmet to get her now??

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    My daughter is 11 and has been taking dressage lessons for the last 4 yrs. We recently joined Pony Club and now she is doing more jumping and cross country. She needs a new helmet, and now because of the cross country I'm wondering what would be the best type of helmet for her? She currently has a IRH, it's a good one but does she need something different because of the jumping?
    Any advice would be great.
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    Nov 4, 2009
    Ask the Pony Club leader - they'll have the latest rules and standards. Last I heard, any properly fitted ASTM-SEI certified riding helmet would do for Pony Club.
    http://www.seinet.org/search/search.php for a list of currently approved helmets.

    As far as "fashion" gos, it is flat black for dressage but for Club and practice a lot of girls like the pretty colored helmets or the fun-looking helmet covers. It may still need to be black for shows, I think that varies by region.

    Crud, the link doesn't bring up the search results - top bar only Equestrian Helmets 2004a and then hit Search, then Click on Equestrian Helmets twice for the list
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    Thanks. Yes any ASTM/SEI helmet is allowed. I was just wondering if there was a helmet that was better suited for the jumping part of the Pony Club because this is new to us?
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    Quote:The IRH helmet you have is perfect for jumping (it does have a chin harness,yes?)
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    check out the helmet thread.

    I think that a helmet that does not have a whole lot of holes in it, and covers the sides and back of the head, is good.
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    Yup, what welsummerchicks said. Any (approved) helmet is basically safe for jumping, but if you want a little extra margin of protection get one of the solid rather than hugely-vented ones.

    Honestly the very biggest thing, in terms of how much safety the helmet provides, is making sure it FITS HER PROPERLY. Not all helmets fit all heads, and if it slouches out of place or woobles around it can reduce protection or even be unsafe (e.g. by blocking vision). See an online or print guide on how to assess fit.

    Good luck, have fun,

  7. TMNTCkins

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    Thanks everyone. Her current helmet does have the harness and only two small vent holes in the back. I think I will stick with the current style and get the next size up because it does fit her so well.
    Thank Again :)
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    Nov 4, 2009
    PatandChickens is right, can't stress proper fit enough!
    I'd head back to the Pony Club leader and ask her to check the helmet for fit. She (He?) may even come to the store with you to try it on.

    I know when I was giving lessons to kids, they had to come to me for a quick helmet check Every Single Lesson. Kids grow so fast, what fit last week may not fit as well this week.
  9. TMNTCkins

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    Well we have a DC (our DC is new to horses) but have different trainers that give the lessons (very small group). I am not new to horses or helmets just the jumping part. I know how to do proper fit of a helmet just didn't know if there was something different or more safe for jumping.
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    Good for you for wanting good info on head protection for your daughter, and I have to insert here, I think the best protection for kids and horses, is a good, safe, well trained horse!
    Ok, back to the subject, in our Pony Club, the parents who were in the medical field all stressed the importance of protecting the back and sides of the head. Also, you want the helmet to stay securely in place in case of a fall, meaning a proper fit and adjustment, which Im sure you are aware of.
    The USPC site has info on helmet fit, etc and the explanation of safety certifications.

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