What kind of hens will make sex link chicks with red roosters?


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Jan 13, 2012
Aiken, SC
Having just had my fears confirmed that my two RIR pullets are, in fact, Production Red cockerels, I'm wondering what kinds of hens, other than Barred Rocks, will make sex link chicks with my boys. I already have 2 BR's and will now need to get at least 2 more hens in order to replace the pullets that turned out to be cockerels. I certainly love my BR's, so I could just get more of those. But I'm interested to know what other sorts of chickens might work. Buff O's? We do have hawks around, so I'd like to avoid any pure white hens.
Ah. Ok. So, are you saying that in order to avoid having white hens, Barred Rocks are the only option for getting sex link chicks with red roosters? Thanks for your help!

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