What kind of pain meds can you give chickens?

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    Jun 14, 2009
    I havebanamine I use for the horses. Can chickens get banamine? I think my little guy would feel better with pain meds.
  2. Imp

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    Quote:I don't know about banamine. Never heard of it.

    Why do you want to give your chicken pain meds? Is he hurt?
    You can give chickens aspirin. I usually see posted 1 baby(81mg) aspirin dissolved in a quart of water or 1 regular(325mg) dissolved in a gallon of water, and that is from the Mississippi State University, but it has been posted up to 4 times stronger.

    Good luck

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    My vet had me giving 1/2 of a baby aspirin to my hen when she broke her pelvis. I cut them in half and she just took it from my hand. I put it in a kernel of corn to start, but then one day she took it from me as I was trying to stuff it in...so I went with it! Every 4-6 hours, for a full-grown LF bird, 1/4 for a smaller bird.

    Use yogurt or milk to assist the possible harshness on the digestive system.
  4. Lee Ann Lynn

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    May 24, 2013
    No pain meds for chickens of any kind. They dont do well at all on them.
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    Aspirin is absolutely fine for chickens, I have used it on the advice of my avian vet as well.

    You want to treat at a rate of 25 mg. per lb of body weight. Or approx. 1 baby aspirin per 3 lb's. I crush them between two spoons, add a couple cc's of buttermilk and suck it all up into a needless syringe and dose the bird that way. The buttermilk also helps buffer the aspirin. We were doing that dose on a four pound hen twice a day.

    Edited to add: Metacam is also used in birds at a dose, I believe, of .18 ml per 4 lb's. That would however require a trip to the vet.
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  6. mary711

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    May 12, 2014
    I have a 9 day old chick and she has a bad leg she is in some pain and was wondering if there was any pain meds I could give her?
  7. Koodra

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    May 27, 2014
    Thanks Cafarmgirl,

    I have a blue laced red wyandotte Padmé who is almost a year old and she has a swollen left foot she is limping on.

    She is 4.5 pounds and has been thru a lot recently.

    I crushed the 81mg aspirin in a mortal and pestle then added 5 cc of water, mixed well and soaked some small pieces of bread in it to buffer it and she
    willingly ate it without me having to oral syringe her. She did drink another 5cc of water after.

    She is panting like she is going to lay, but that can't be since it is less than 24 hours from the egg she laid @ 11 this morning, it is 10pm now. I did gently check with a pinky finger
    to make sure. She seemed to want to munch on feed and small cabbage leaf pieces. I see her panting and desperately trying to get comfortable and I know she is in pain.
    I've got her inside the house, isolated and its warmer in here than outside.

    Shes been thru a lot, been sick twice, the first time it slowed down her growth (between 5 and 8 months old - just stayed stunted - gave her Di-Methox in her food cause she wouldn't drink it in water. She got better after 1 week of Di-Methox and 1 week of a little garlic in ground wet feed with some turmeric and ginger as an anti-inflammatory), then she started laying late @ 9 months for 1 month (Dec), got sick again with a respiratory gurgling thing for the 2nd time (January - mid February). I gave her some time isolated for a week, then talked to her hatchery Dad, he said give her 1/2 cc Tylan 50 for 5 days. I did, no improvement, she just got yeasty and tired like I do after antibiotics. She was missing her flock too, so I let her outside during the days to boost morale.

    So I gave her 1/8 tsp of save a chick probiotics (Bacillis Subtlis) + 1/4 tsp Pau D'arco powder (herbal fungicide avaiil @ health food stores - common fungicide for Candida Albicans) and 4 crushed dried elderberries (antiviral) in 20 ML water for 5 days. She perked up on the 4th day and started laying again. Was so proud of her!!! However, during this time she caught lice and I had to dust her upside down with Sevin and that may have made her sore foot worse because she fought back a lot. (have to do it again Saturday, I'll lay her on her back next time.) Tonight has been the worst it has been as I haven't seen her pant in pain except when she is laying.

    I hope this 81mg aspirin gives her some much needed relief.
    Thanks for your posting and sharing your vet's advice.
    Hopefully she won't be panting in the morning.
    But if she is I'll give her another dose and see how she does.

    Thanks Again Cafarmfirl.
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