What kind of parasite is this? Kind of gross pics of eggs on feathers

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    Jul 27, 2007
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    I have a 2 yr old hen that is acting lethargic. She is skinny, and has a swolen bottom. She hasn't layed for months and I thought she was egg bound. I cleaned her vent a couple months ago and probed it, lubed it and she seemed to get better. Now she has gotten worse again. We when to clean her vent area we found lots of white eggs around her feathers near her vent. I will attach some pics. They eggs are white, about 1/16 th inch long and there are many of them. They are oblong, not round.
    Is this an internal parasite/ worms, hence her abdomen being quite swollen. Not sure, maybe they are lice eggs but they are not round.
    Please help I don't think she will last but a couple more days at this point. How do I treat this?





  2. shmooborp

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    its definatly not lice whatever hatches out will be a larva.. i dont know if its a specific chicken related parasite.. but i will look it up in my book... brb.. [​IMG] hope she makes it ... something u can do.. ( i RECOMEND IT) is to dust her with sevin 5% .. its a insectacide.. it is safe fro chickens.. put some in a panty hose and pat it all aound her.. esxept the head.. and wear gloves aglasses and cover ur mouth with a bandanna.. u can get sevin at ur local TSC.. hope that helps.. i will look for the parasite in my book now
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    my book didnt say anything about it... the only thing was like round worm.. but i think thats an internal thing..
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    Quote:no its not lice.. i have delt with lice before... the eggs on this hen ar eMUCH bigger.. but the pic u posted is a pic of common chicken lice.. so good job on that! [​IMG]
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    if it is worms u might have to use a dewormer..
  7. shmooborp

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    Quote:here are some that i have seen....hygromycin B or coumaphos ( its efective but not aproved for layers) <probly best choice
    and piperazine i wormer given in drinking water.. ( resurch has begun to show worms are becoming amune to it tho) u can most likely get these at the TSC... so tat should work for the insides... and the sevin for the outsides! [​IMG] take care [​IMG]
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    It looks to me like regular fly larvae. They will lay on feathers covered with discharge just like on a dead animal.
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    Feb 23, 2008
    Eggs from intestinal parasites would come out with the poo - unless its tapeworms(which your pics are not). They can kinda move by themselves.
    Your pics do look like fly larvae. If she is that ill she's probably not cleaning/preening herself.
    I would say they are not the source of her problem.
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    I think you are exactly right!! Thank you. I just looked up fly eggs and they look exactly like the ones she has. They supposedly hatch and crawl away. I guess all the other chickens are gonna have a feast with all the maggots crawling the coop. [​IMG] Yuk, but probably good for them.
    Ok, now I have to deal with her swolen abdomen. I'll get a dewormer and treat all of them.

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