What kind of roosters, mixed breed or full breed?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by Mrs. K, Sep 6, 2010.

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    I have a bunch of chicks being raised right now. I am sure that some are roosters. But they are not a full blood breeds, kind of a mixed bunch, and the hens out of these are also mixed. The lady I got the eggs from had two roosters a BO and a Barred Rock on all sorts of kinds of hens.

    I have 2 BO and 3 Red Star hens, plus the mixed breed hens that are growing now. Should I get a full blood rooster to put over them, or can I raise up one of the chicks?

    What are good physical traits to look for? I currently have a Plymouth Rock Rooster. I got him from a neighbor as he was the bottom of 3 roosters, and having the heck beat out of him. He is slowly getting his feathers back, but I do not see any signs of fertilized eggs. I have only seen him doing his thing one time, but he does crow. So I was thinking of stew pot for him.

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    Well, what are your goals for this rooster? Your s hens for the most part are not pure breed. Sex links are already a cross breed. If your current rooster were feeling better you would be seeing fertile eggs (cause I'm sure if you saw him breeding once, he's doing it more and more.)

    I say go with the nicest rooster. Nothing wrong with mixed rooster over mixed hens. They all sire hens who will lay edible eggs.
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    Have you seen this? It shows how to tell if the eggs are fertile. You did not mention age of the rock rooster. I assume he is old enough to take care of business.

    Fertile Egg Pictures

    It is difficult to make good comments without knowing what your goals are. My goals are meat, eggs, and having an occasional broody to raise chicks. My rooster is not a purebred, if that helps.

    Since one of my goals is meat, I want a large rooster. If you do not want meat but eggs only, a smaller rooster will suit you just as well, maybe even better. I suggest pick one you like, considering both looks and behavior.

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