What kind of sounds do your Seramas make?


8 Years
Mar 23, 2011
Loudon, New Hampshire
I have a pair of Seramas and my hen doesn't make regular chicken sounds.....she makes a pittiful squawking sound that sounds like an infant crying. The roo crows like a normal little guy and they are very healthy. They are over 6 months old. Is this normal? Ill try and capture her on video when she does it.
My Serama hens make far less noise than regular size chickens. I have white leghorns, RR, a turken and a couple of crosses. Those 5 or 6 chickens make twice the noise as my 20 plus seramas. My Serama Roo has a very low and short crow so doesn't wake up the whole neighborhood. My hens when announcing an egg has arrived really doesn't squawk like the regular chickens do.

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