What Kind of Turkeys Are These? Bronze?


10 Years
Back in July I ordered 7 turkeys as part of a backyard package through Mc Murray Hatchery... only 5 survived the trip to my Post Office.. Because they were part of a backyard package I was not told what breed they were... when they were babies they all looked the same... now that they are growing up they split into two different looking groups...

I thought they were Bronze turkeys... Now what threw me off was that 2 out of the 3 lighter looking turkeys seem to be TOMS(they are bigger and well the prominent wattle they both display on their lovely necks...

the darker looking turkeys and the 1 lighter one seem to be girls.. Any ideas..

Here they are all as babies


Here is a picture of them now


Here is another shot


Here are two of the lighter turkeys, one with a prominent neck and the other one without

I agree darker 2 are bronze, lighter 3 are narris, and I would def say at least one of the bronze is a hen (notice the "laced" feathers on the breast) That is a sign of a hen in bronzes.
pretty birds!

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