What kinds of chicken predators do you see in your urban/city area?


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May 30, 2010
I am new to BYC and working on my predator proof chicken coop, thanks to all of your lovely advice. While lurking I have read many of your post that scare the crap out of me about the kinds of predators you encounter. I have read about dogs of course and then weasels, fox, raccoons, snakes, rats, etc. I always notice that a lot of these posts are from BYC'ers that are in more rural or less urban areas. My question is, for all of the urban chicken dwellers: What, besides dogs, have you seen in the way of predators in your urban inner city neck of the woods?
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Dec 14, 2009
We live in the city, and we have had raccoons, possums, hawks, and skunks. We also hear the occasional owl, and from time to time, coyotes, but have not actually seen them close by.


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Jun 22, 2009
I live in an urban area, very close to downtown and predators are abundant. Two nearby local parks are teaming with coyotes. There are many raccoons, possums and skunks. I have a persistent Cooper's hawk that's in my yard at least once a week. Yesterday I saw a bald eagle about 6 blocks from my house. The only predators that I am positive do not live here in the city are bears, bobcats, mink, weasels and snakes.


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Jul 14, 2007
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I think urban/city areas are actually WORSE for predation because you can't legally discharge a firearm in these areas. And the predators seem to know it. Out here in the sticks I can shoot anytime I feel like. And the predators seem to know that too!
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May 27, 2010
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I'm really glad you asked this question! I was wondering about this too. I know we have raccoons and possums at night because I've chased them out of our trash cans. I've also seen a small hawk take off with a chipmunk in the park a block away. I haven't seen snakes or rats, but I wouldn't put it past the little buggers to be lurking about.

When they move out of the brooder, my girls will be in a coop that's raised off the ground with a run that surrounds it. I've read on the boards that raising them up a bit helps with the nocturnal predators. I'm wondering about the threat of hawks during those early evening hours when I'd like my girls to get to roam the yard a bit while we play outside.

Also, since our yard (wee that it is) is fenced, I'm not terribly worried about dogs. But what about cats? I think the fiercest predator in our neighborhood might live right in our own house... Hobbes, the death kitten!


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Mar 21, 2009
We live in an urban area, 15 minutes from downtown Denver. As far as predator's, you name it- we've seen it. The worst of our problems here are foxes. We are absolutely overrun with them. I mean, we see them every night, sometimes more than one at a time and they are apparently completely unafraid of humans. We very often anymore even see them during the day. I had one that came out the other day in broad daylight and just sat calmly watching me feed and water (right by one of our raised pens). I would chase it off and it would be right back inside of about 30 seconds. We also see all the previously mentioned predators, even coyotes, on a regular basis. Don't be fooled into thinking you will be safer in an urban area!

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