What makes a breed a breed?

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  1. jsimon

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    Apr 27, 2011
    Just wanted to make an interactive lesson on what it means when people call something a breed. I know there are several breeders on here who could answer the question quite easily, but I would like some of the novices to answer the questions, so that I can clear up the problems beginners are having in understanding what makes a chicken a particular breed. Hopefully these pictures show up since this is my first time posting pics.
    [​IMG]. [​IMG].
    Question 1 what two breeds are these? (Some one with some experience may need to help out).
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  2. Matt A NC

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    The first is a Light Brahma. The second looks like a Silver Leghorn with WAY too much silver.

    For a breed to be a breed it must breed true to color and form. Basically the children should match the parents generation after generation.


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    Jan 14, 2008
    The second is a Columbian Leghorn. Both it & the Light Brahma share the Columbian colour pattern but differ in many other ways, obviously.
  4. RareBreedFancier

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    Well I just leaned something, I didn't know Colombian Leghorns existed. They would be very striking roaming the yard.
  5. danhonour

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    Breeds are defined by a particular "shape" and outline,with size and style as minor parts of shape. Varieties are sub-characteristics like color/colorpattern,and sometimes other features like "bearded".
  6. jsimon

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    Apr 27, 2011
    Yes it is a Columbian Leghorn. No, color/pattern is not part of what makes something a breed. As far as defenition of a breed goes, I was going to get to that. Basically, a breed is defined by a certian set of definable charecteristics that it must meet, such as bone structure, size weight, shape, leg color, skin color, sometimes comb type (though there are breeds that have varieties with different combs), tail angle, wing angle, lenght of tail, width throughout the back, shape and size of head, ect. These charecteristics are defined by the aba and apa in their respective standard of perfections.

    So I know like I said before that most people with good knowledge of the Standard will easily be able to answer this question, but I would rather someone with very little experience answer this one (just to prove a later point). What are the differences in the two birds pictured? Don't be shy about answering this if you think you're gonna get it wrong, I jiust want an answer from a relatively unexperience person. It will actualy work better if you do get it partially wrong lol.
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