What makes a good treat?

Common first treats are a small mount of live culture plain yogurt mixed with a little of the feed or a bit of scrambled or hard boiled egg.
If you are going to feed any that must be broken down by the "chewing" action of the crop, things like grass, grains, solid fruits & vegetables, you need to make sure that grit is introduced into their diet. The grit needs to be extremely small. I'd recommend you buy grit specifically packaged for chicks. I usually wait 3 weeks before feeding anything that falls into that category.
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I ground whole oats (literally about 1 tablespoon) in the mini food processor and give once every few days. Makes the poo a bit less runny, at least that's the hope. I do a tiny bit of yogurt too. Mostly, they are fine and happy with the regular chick starter.

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